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Due To : 

Chinchilla Are Crepuscular and Nocturnal, Which Means They Are Very Active At Dawn or Dusk and Sleep During The Day, We Are Taking Chinchilla Customer By : 

Appointment Only !!! 

Strictly No Visitors Without An Appointment !!!

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Please Call

Store Tel # 909 506 4422

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Monday - Friday

11am - 6pm

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11am - 5pm

Tuesday Closed 

Sorry For The Inconvenience 

We Are Try To Create 

An Appropriate Environment For The Animals


In Our Here

You will see the baby chinchilla and their paraent , the chinchilla you got from us , also come with their pedigree info , we have chinchilla baby are ready to go to new home, and the customer could also deposit the new born baby chinchilla. for chinchilla baby that place on a holding position, we are required 50% of deposit of our sellling price and you will get the chinchilla baby while the baby reached 2-3 months old, during the nursing and weaning time the deposited customer are allow to visit the chinchilla baby in any time of our business hours .


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We Refuse Service To:

Under no circumstances will we sell to minors ( those under the age of 18 ), irresponsible buyer ,uninformed buyer or to anyone we feel may abuse or misuse our animals or products . we reserve the right to decline any order.