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Short Hair Chinchilla(short  tail and long tail included ) , Locken Chinchilla (curley included ) ,Royal Angora Chinchillalong hair inclued ). ​


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Standard , Beige , Black Velvet , Ebony (Extra Dark & Light Ebony ) , Brown Velvet , Mosaic , Panda , Tan , Pink White , Velvet , Sapphire , Blue Diamond , Ice beige ,Tan Wrap , Violet Wrap , Sapphire Wrap , Blue Diamond Wrap , Orange , Russian Red , etc . 


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Chinchilla Secret 

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Chinchilla Daily Requirements

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Chinchilla Fascination

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Chinchilla Healthy Care 

Chinchilla could live from 13 - 18 years 

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Typical Chinchilla Habitat

The natural habitat of the chinchilla was western slopes of the Andes Mountains . they lived at all altituded , from sea level to 18,000 feet . the terrain was generally mountaiinous with broad valleys of desert - like areas , but there were many sections with large rock formations . Those formations provided protection for the chinchilla and served as its' home . Usually in this extremely arid country , any vegetation would be at these rock formations . Thus  , they not only gave the chinchilla a home , but with the growth  of shrubs and cacti , they had their food supply close at hand . It seldom rained , and when it did any wet areas would soon dry under the hot sun . The chinchilla obtained sufficient liquid from the roots , bark , and berries of small shrubs and cacti . 


Mother Nature provided the chinchilla with the instincts and habits to cope with it's desolate surroundings . It is nocturnal , sleeping in the cool confines of the rocks during the heat of the day and cavorting around outside at night with a thick coat of fur to keep it warm . 


The rock formations in which they livied also supplied additional water for them . The rocks became hot during the day and condensation which resulted from the cool , night air caused rivulets of water  to creep into the facets of the rocks . This is turn formed little basines around which moss grew . The water evaporated during the following day , but the same process was repeated the following evening . 

R&D Facility Only In KingChinchilla

Our Animal Facility 

In King Chinchilla Here , all animal housing facility are made by Bamboo material and Aluminum material , We do our best to provided the artifical environment for the animal . All product and animal housing facility are R&D by KingChinchilla. ®️